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What is fixed asset management software?

Fixed asset management software is the method involved with following and keeping an association's actual assets and equipment. Resource types incorporate vehicles, PCs, furniture, and hardware. Fixed asset management software empowers associations to screen gear and vehicles, survey their condition, and keep them ready to go. Along these lines, they limit lost stock, equipment disappointments, and free time — and further develop an asset's lifetime esteem.

Why fixed asset management software is important?

Fixed assets, for example, servers, transport trucks, and lifts require huge capital speculation. They might include an enormous part of an organization's total assets. In certain organizations, however, 40% of the venture goes to purchasing gear and vehicles. The better and the more successful an organization deals with its assets, the more prominent the possibility of expanding esteem from these ventures. Without fixed assets, the executives, of an association might encounter Unplanned free time, Equipment disappointments, Misplaced or lost stock, Safety or natural breaks, Failure to satisfy consistency or administrative guidelines

For organizations with huge inventories, the outcomes might change over into a great many dollars in lost efficiency, fixes, substitution, or fines. Past quick expenses and unacceptable gear can influence the nature of an association's administrations or items — thusly, influencing consumer loyalty and business notoriety. As per the ISO 55000 worldwide norm, asset the executives ought to augment an incentive for cash. Preferably, fixed assets the board works on the quality and valuable existence of gear and guarantees the best profit from the venture.


Use ageing metrics, pivot tables, or custom reports to track and improve process efficiency.


Our complete resorece and tutorials will help your to know about how to work and and how to setup your organization.


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Why Becafex is best fixed asset management software?

Fixed asset management software to manage your entire company fixed assets, brought to you by a company with the long term vision to transform the way you work.

Becafex Asset management software is a brilliant pick for organizations with a reasonable and fixed financial plan with limitless assets management who need the capacity to redo following actual assets, and permitting in a more mechanized way. Becafex resource the executives programming is the best solution.

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Set reminders and alarms for fixed asset that require regular maintenance, fixed asset that are past due, contracts and licenses that are about to expire, and many other features. Avoid risks and handle problems before they impact your network.

Vendor management

Vendor management is a discipline that enables organizations to control costs, drive service excellence and mitigate risks to gain increased value from their vendors throughout the deal life cycle.

PO Management

Purchase order management is an internal procurement process adopted by organizations to ensure that each and every purchase is necessary, justified and optimized for costs.

Key Features of Becafex Fixed Asset Management Software

Fixed asset management can be intricate, particularly for worldwide ventures or organizations with enormous inventories like vehicle rental organizations or assembling multinationals. Little associations might utilize bookkeeping sheets or undertaking asset arranging (ERP) apparatuses for asset following. In any case, the manual information section is inclined to blunder. It can likewise be a sluggish strategy for keeping steady over-fixed asset stock when armadas of vehicles are moved between areas or the innovation is intricate. Unique and powerful software to manage your entire company fixed asset, brought to you by a company with the long term vision to transform the way you work.

Fixed Asset tracking software and management arrangements offer a solid method for directing fixed assets. Included are highlights like area tracking, work request handling, and review trails.

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Focus on your company as a whole instead of individual fixed asset. Use our software to keep tabs on your fixed asset. Make a detailed log of equipment check-out, create an unlimited number of custom fields, and download our Excel template. Upload it to start managing your fixed asset in minutes.

Contracts and Licenses

We provide you with the perfect platform to keep your contracts and licenses in the same place, organized in a way that works for you. We'll let you know when a contract or license is about to expire so you can update it in a timely manner. You can even set up email alerts to stay informed about your account at all times.


Our secure cloud-based system lets you focus on your fixed asset. We're continually evolving to meet and exceed customers' expectations, advances in technology, and the world around us. Our system frees you from running tests or upgrades, saving you costly IT overhead.

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Add as many users as you need for your accounts. Make your system as broad, or as narrow, as you need. Each user has a unique level of access ranging from a limited viewer to full administrator. Our system is a convenient solution for everyone in your organization.

Reserve & Check Out

Reserve your fixed asset in advance to inform who needs them and when. Have them easily checked out to a person or a place. Helps you know exactly where your fixed asset are when they are due back. Check them back in so others see they are now available and ready to check out.

Audit & Verification

Audit can be time consuming and hectic but with becafex Auditing & Verification Software you can easily schedule and perform audits based on categories, departments, or locations. See the upcoming and ongoing audit as well. This software empowers you to verify fixed asset without any problem.