Goal Management software helps Create a trackable Goals to your work.

Reach your goals faster & easier with Becafex Goal Management software! Our powerful platform lets you track & manage goals, objectives, and initiatives like never before. We make it easy to create SMART goals, align teams, and measure performance to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal. With Becafex, you'll have complete visibility into progress & success for every goal in your organization
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Goal-setting software that is simple to use lets you manage your teams!

Becafex is the ultimate goal management software for entrepreneurs and small business owners. With a simple, intuitive interface, it makes setting, tracking, and achieving goals easier than ever. Get organized, stay motivated and make progress faster with Becafex! Create accountability, measure your progress in real-time, and use powerful analytics to stay on top of your objectives. Take control of your future with Becafex today!

Measure success with key results.

Utilize numerical, monetary, true/false, and task targets to monitor progress. Add tasks from various teams to a Goal to create sprint targets, set weekly sales targets, and more. It is essential to comprehend that we must continue to monitor the initiatives' implementation. We won't be able to reach our objectives without them. However, initiatives are merely wagers and must be modified if the numbers do not improve.
A single initiative is insufficient. We must successfully complete it. Nobody works on projects for fun. A desire to improve one or more metrics lies at the heart of every initiative. Therefore, we ought to measure the indicators that motivated a project in the first place rather than tracking its completion.

Manage all your Goals in one place.

Utilize folders to organize your goals. Track sprint cycles, OKRs, weekly employee scorecards, and any number of significant team goals in folders. With the powerful Becafex employee goal management software, you can set, track, measure, and manage SMART goals for your employees. For the purpose of monitoring progress, monitor the goals' lead, lag, or on-track status. The team gains clarity, visibility, and accountability from the goal tracking software tool.
The goal framework helps individuals achieve the common business objective by establishing measurable key results. Becafex assists employees in continuously tracking their progress and defining their individual goals and key outcomes.

Becafex’s performance management module is user-friendly

Becafex’s performance management module is user-friendly and customizable to meet your specific requirements. The ease with which calibrations and performance evaluations can be carried out on it, as well as the way the various modules are connected to one another, is something we particularly enjoy. We can save a lot of time on all of our administrative tasks thanks to the tool.

Merln Fernandez

Chief Operation Officer

It is very easy to customize and use

We save a lot of time during performance reviews and ongoing check-ins thanks to Becafex. It is very easy to customize and use. Despite the fact that our requirements varied across the organization, the rollout was quick and simple.

King O'dea

Marketing Head

Becafex has a user-friendly interface and is a very powerful tool

Becafex has a user-friendly interface and is a very powerful tool. We were able to connect our entire management model with Becafex, making it easier for us to understand our company’s goals and how we’re achieving them. It has a better module for goal-based performance reviews, which has helped us improve our abilities to set goals, manage action plans, and create a company culture of praise.

Lal Sujan

Founder & CEO

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