Document management software

Top 10 document management software

What is document management software?

Document management software significantly simplifies the method of organizing paperwork from manufacture to store to transfer inside an organization, improving productivity and lowering the expense and complexity of keeping documentation.

Seven vital features:

1. Cost savings

As the price of paper continues to rise, so do the operating costs of adopting a paper-based solution. A system for managing electronic documents (EDM) may significantly save expenses associated with misfiled or lost paperwork, legal infractions, the waste of paper and other resources, and frequent data input mistakes.

2. Optimize workflows

By digitizing your documents and transferring them into an electronic workflow to be analyzed, authorized, and saved in an automated DMS, your business can also implement access control, preserve detailed audit trails for compliance needs, and track user activity.

3. Boost collaboration

A cloud-based DMS enables sharing and working on various documents and procedures easier than old paper-based systems, regardless of whether your team works remotely or in a shared office space. We may exchange electronic documents via a secure link making collaboration as simple as a single click. They monitor and view all conversations of a shared document with integrated email capture.

4. Better searching

They store and tag all marked data with metadata when they record significant documents and save them in an effective digital DMS. This enables enhanced searching capabilities for locating any data or content that we digitize and save beside ERP records. Complex searches quickly produce precise results, saving the AP and other organizations time, money, and effort.

5. Limits storage area

By implementing a contemporary DMS that saves documents in the cloud and controls a paperless, automated workflow, you can do away with expensive file cabinets, containers, junk drawers, and enormous workstations. Recovering important physical areas also makes room for alternative organizational ideas, but it also saves money for enhancing corporate efficiencies.

6. Recovery is simple

With current document management software, a company can easily boost its document retrieval speeds. DMS makes document recovery simple and quick. They arranged documents in a way that makes it incredibly simple to find and retrieve them using specific criteria.

7. Superior security

A DMS can provide critical security features to a company in advance of expensive data theft and other cyber attacks. The DMS can support essential security protocols like digital archiving, automatic wipes and backups, document tagging and suppression, role-based user permissions, and multifactor authentication.

Top 10 document management software:

1. Google workspace

Google Workspace is a complete set of office software that is simple to understand and apply. It provides a range of capabilities to support productive team collaboration. The cloud-based platform makes it simple to use and handle documents, emails, and schedules from any location. It is simple to collaborate on projects and exchange files fast due to the inclusion of Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets.

Vital features:

  • Access to documents via a web browser without the demand for a client to be installed on a device.
  • Enables users to get notifications when files are changed, added, removed, or relocated.
  • Allows many people to work on the same document at the exact time and view changes in real-time.
  • Empowers administrators to grant tool users segregated access based on their roles. It is simple to add and delete users.

2. SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint met critical requirements for your firm and was easy to utilize in this Microsoft environment. It makes it possible to oversee the admissions, reservation, and approval process for a personal services group that provides housing. Although it took some time to construct, they personalized it and suited it to your demands.

Vital features:

  • Make your website unique to simplify your team’s job. Work safely and smoothly with team members within and outside your company using PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.
  • Create cohesiveness and inform your staff across your intranet. Portals and personal sites can help your organization become more efficient by sharing common resources and tools.
  • You can find what you’re searching for with the help of robust search and innovative methods to find facts, experience, and insights to support options and direct action.

3. Apple iCloud

ICloud is a built-in file-sharing system that is enabled on all IOS devices. All documents, images, communications, and notes are stored in one location. Using iCloud Drive, you may access files from different devices and preserve your data with regular backups.

Vital features:

  • Keep your credit card information, passwords, and other details in the world’s safest cloud storage (iCloud). They will prefill your details in web browsers that support it, such as Safari.
  • Automatically update your notes to iCloud and you can access them from any device to see, update, share, and discuss.
  • Use Home Kit Secure Video to keep the video from your home security cameras in iCloud, so you can access and watch your recordings from anywhere while preserving them safely and securely.

4. Becafex

Becafex document management software allows you simply to save, organize and distribute your documents using a cloud-based document management system. Use collaborative tools, version control, and automated workflows to manage documents securely.

Vital features:

  • Authorizes international organizations to use the product efficiently in a variety of languages and currencies.
  • Becafex successfully complies with GDPR, grants you control over your content, and facilitates seamless information governance, all of which have a positive impact on your business.
  • Easily access pre-built and bespoke reports to track user engagement and storage.
  • The system integrates with various record-keeping systems, such as CRM, ERP, Outlook, and SharePoint.

5. Confluence

We can use Confluence for documentation. As a complete substitute for a public digital repository, it is justified by its built-in functions for managing, versioning, searching, and organizing user attachments. Make your business more profitable by creating a single truth source and delivering valuable data with just one click.

Vital features:

  • Confluence has robust add-ons that facilitate discovering solutions to frequent workplace queries through event planning and corporate Q&A. 
  • You may get a report of “abandoned” pages(those without links to any parent pages) and either connect or remove them based on your needs.
  • The best feature of Atlassian Confluence is that it provides companies with infinite virtual space. You may allocate this space inside your company to other departments, including development, human resources, marketing, and finance.

6. Dropbox business

Dropbox approaches document management from the cloud. To establish a digital workplace, it combines business automation and cloud storage. In managing all the responsibilities of an office, this paperless solution is just one example of the technological innovations that operate many processes today.

Vital features:

  • Allows owners to adjust to fit their specific workflows. Custom objects, fields, rules, computations, and views are all possible.
  • Through Interfaces, data, logic, entities, etc., can be integrated with other software tools.
  • Users may finish activities rapidly due to the software’s availability (up-time), as they aren’t waiting for it to react to their actions.

7. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a complete tool for PDF and electronic signing. Acrobat allows users to create, update, integrate, distribute, sign, and merge documents from a single Adobe interface. Your employees can interact and access data from any device by generating seamless online experiences. Additionally, Acrobat solutions are driven to interact with programs you already use regularly, such as Microsoft 365, Google, Workday, and others, allowing you to do tasks while working.

Vital features:

  • It makes it possible for users to interact with each other in real-time within the document through chat and comments.
  • Checks grammar and spelling as part of its proofreading and editing features.
  • Permits for real-time editing and collaboration with countless individuals on a single document.
  • Converts a document into a web page, then posts it on the internet.

8. OpenKM

OpenKM is a web-based electronic document and record-keeping tool developed for company collaboration and document management. It has capabilities for maintaining the entire life cycle of documents as well as implementing business processes. It contains modules to satisfy different demands and doesn’t have any technical obstacles to connecting with third-party programs.

Vital features:

  • Supports a variety of forms, including inputs, date and time, URLs, basic lists, mixed data lists, and text boxes.
  • OpenKM strengthens performance and productivity by tracking the user’s daily workflows, trying to help produce greater user growth.
  • Teams may improve and edit shared documents by initiating text chats, modifying data from any file format, and adding all sustainable workforce to a completed project.

9. M-files

The M-Files document management solution goes beyond the normal. It enables you to quickly and effectively automate your document-intensive tasks so that data begins to work for you instead of against you. The M-Files DMS provides you with a wide range of options to assist your company’s operations and generate value, from basic documentation usage factors to complicated workflow automation.

Vital features:

  • Credentials updates automatically when the company or work teams adjust.
  • M-Files always stores version history whenever you edit something, and you may simply roll back to older versions.
  • M-Files can handle offline if there is no internet connection available. Additionally, it is accessible from any device, keeping you always connected to your papers.

10. Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is a digital document management software that includes built-in web editors for creating and editing files. They save all of your data in the cloud and are accessible from any place and via any device. You may employ it to make, edit, communicate on, and manage all of your company documents in one place. It makes it possible to store all of your information in the cloud safely and share them with everyone inside the company and with their partners, vendors, and clients.

Vital features:

  • It automatically applies relevant metadata such as file size and uploaded time, contains common metadata fields such as keywords, and creates custom fields and terminology.
  • Allows users to get notifications when documents have been modified, created, removed, or relocated.
  • Users can share specific files/folders with others, both inside and outside the company.
  • Specifying a sequence of criteria and actions may automate internal operations, is adjustable to the intricacies of the organization’s demands, and is simple to build up and perform.

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