Top 10 Goal management software

Top 10 Goal management software

What is goal management software? 

Goal management software assists organizations in managing work properly and keeping track of their staff and company objectives. It facilitates organization, the deadline set, and task completion. A meaningful digital approach should drive employees to work hard, prepare ahead of time, document their accomplishments, and make daily job obstacles simple to solve.

Why should you use goal management software?

Establishing goals is an important activity that any company should prioritize. It provides direction and purpose for employers and employees. Imagine contending in a race with no idea about the finishing point. How meaningless it would seem to many people trying to put time and effort into their work without an endpoint. To prevent such a predicament, we must create a goal. 

Goal setting has multiple aspects, which is where goal management software comes in. Goal management software assists you in planning, managing, and tracking your goals, ensuring that you are on the right path.

Popular reasons to use goal management software:

1. Goals Provide Direction

Businesses require an aim to achieve success. Goals give direction by helping lead employees and owners in their work. Based on their goals, employees will gradually realize what tasks need much focus. Users may quickly log in, keep track of their performance, and create long-term objectives with the help of goal management software.

2. Boost Employee Performance 

Goal management software allows managers to track their employee’s performance and encourages employees to work further by seeing what they have accomplished. When employees know how much they complete their work on target, it makes it easier for them to work perfectly. As a result, they will enhance employee performance.

3. Encourage Collaboration

By connecting individual objectives to company goals, they encourage collaboration. Owners and managers can show how each employee’s goals link to the company’s goals. If the employee is aware of how they contribute to the overall organizational goals and how their goal relates to their colleagues, they will grasp the value of collaboration.

4. Determine Success

The organization and its staff can gauge their achievement by setting well-crafted goals. It employed wise methods to assess goals technically and impartially. An ideal target for employees must be attainable and quantifiable within a specified timeframe. Measurable goals enable an evaluation of outcomes and the identification of effective strategies.

5. Time Management

For every business, time is one of the most critical assets. When employees have a well-defined objective and direction, they become more proficient in managing their time. This objective aids in prioritizing tasks and prevents employees from engaging in unimportant activities, thereby avoiding time wastage.

Top 10 Goal management software:

1. Becafex

Becafex goal management software

Becafex Goal Management software can help you achieve your objectives quicker and easier! With the help of their robust platform, you can track and manage campaigns, goals, and strategies like never before. 

To ensure everyone is working towards the same objective, Becafex makes it simple to set SMART goals, connect employees, and evaluate performance. With Becafex, you’ll gain a comprehensive insight into the development and achievement of every objective in your business.

Top features:

  • Use targets to track progress. Add team tasks to create sprint and sales targets. Monitor implementation and adjust initiatives if needed.
  • Goals are guided by metrics and evaluate indicators, not just the mere completion of tasks.
  • Organize goals with folders by tracking sprints, employee scorecards, and team goals.
  • Framework aids individuals in achieving shared business goals through quantifiable outcomes.


2. Clickup

ClickUp goal management software

ClickUp is a multi-purpose productivity program for everyone, from individual entrepreneurs to major corporations. It offers a simple interface that enables you to manage your workload, keep track of project changes, and communicate with the team all in one location, whether you employ a classic or rapid project strategy.

ClickUp’s new Objectives feature boosts productivity and monitors progress with defined timeframes, measurable targets, and automated tracking linked to tasks. Simplify workflow and achieve goals efficiently.

Top Features:

  • To track progress towards goals, organize them into folders and use timelines.
  • Integrate goals into the daily workflow with tools and software.
  • Manage permissions with user accounts and guidelines for collaboration. 
  • Prioritize both efficiency and effectiveness for success.


  • A free version is available.
  • Paid plan starts at $5 per month.

3. Goalscape

Goalscape Goal setting software

Goalscape’s visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing layout provides a comprehensive overview of goals, priorities, and progress. The stunning visual representation of the goals and priorities helps to boost team communication, goal alignment, motivation, and focus. 

Its intuitive structure helps for easy navigation and quick access to critical information, making it an ideal tool for individuals and teams to streamline their goal-setting process. With Goalscape, users can easily track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and stay on track toward achieving their goals. 

Top features:

  • Add notes and documents in any format, assign responsibilities, create deadlines, and tag your objectives with relevant terms.
  • Dynamically modify goal sizes as your priorities evolve and continuously add new targets.
  • Employ color coding to define connections between objectives in numerous locations.


  • A free plan is available.
  • The pro plan starts at $9.90 per month. 

4. Asana

Asana goal tracking software

Using Asana, you can keep your goals at the forefront of your mind and have a simple means of tracking your progress, whether you are a leader, supervisor, or new employee. This platform is perfect for strategic planning, goal setting, and monitoring. 

Customize project views and sorting options in Asana. Filter your portfolio and export it to Excel for live performance dashboards and backups. Asana is highly adaptable for statistics and connectivity.

Top features:

  • Defining organizational goals in Asana keeps them front of mind, enabling teams to work cooperatively and with less conflict.
  • They prioritize initiatives that complement the company’s vision and work harder to provide demonstrable outcomes.
  • Gather a bird’s-eye view of your organization’s goals in real-time. With universal reporting, you can reduce errors and the best path to keep teams on target.


  • The free version is available.
  • Premium starts at $10.99 per month.

5. Engagedly

Engagedly Goal tracking software

Engagedly’s innovative Goal Aligning technology takes an implementation method to align and measure organizational results. It also enables you to include performance analysis with your goals.
This technology allows managers to set goals for their team members and track their progress in real-time. It also provides insights into how individual goals contribute to the overall success of your organization.

Top features:

  • It’s simple to determine goal alignment efficacy, goal progress, and status using comprehensive and configurable analytics.
  • Set team objectives, include several users, and analyze performance in real-time.
  • The alignment of goals helps individuals to keep in mind their role in achieving the company’s success.


  • No pricing details contact engagedly.

6. Weekdone

Weekdone Goal tracking software

Weekdone is a goal-tracking tool that focuses on OKRs to ensure consistently taking conscious actions and focusing on goals that align with the organization’s goals.

Using Weekdone, company owners can select and track the items crucial to them. Because of the short-term quarterly progress reporting, executives may make more strategic judgments. Be flexible, laser-focused, and outcome-driven.

Top features:

  • Establish quarterly and annual OKRs to keep the firm strategy front and center. KPIs included for overview.
  • Provide weekly plans and initiative status reports with an emphasis on OKR improvement.
  • Increase team spirit and corporate culture via dialogue, feedback, and appreciation (CFR).


  • A free plan is available.
  • Premium starts at $9 per user/month.

7. Goals On Track

Goalsontrack goal management software

GoalsOnTrack can assist you in creating SMART goals, segmenting long-term objectives into milestones or sub-goals, and categorizing them. It provides flexible and precise progress tracking for personal and professional purposes.

In addition to a goal diary and virtual vision board, it provides a habit monitoring function to aid with creating sage daily routines.

Top features:

  • You can customize the transition effects, speed, and timing to ensure that the visualization process proceeds simply as you prefer.
  • The integrated diary function in GoalsOnTrack allows you to categorize your notebook by various objectives and calendar months.
  • Just build your goal using their predefined templates and make modifications as needed.


  • No free plan.
  • Membership costs only $68 per year.

8. Trackstar

Trackstar Goal tracking software

Trakstar’s users can track the performance of their tasks and objectives, which helps to synchronize work with business goals. Employees and managers can access the app to add specific goals to assessments.

It offers numerous benefits for those overseeing a team and assisting them in establishing personal goals.

Top features:

  • The SMART goal tool allows you to establish targets, track accomplishments, and track employee growth.
  • Track progress with performance evaluations, individual goal tracking, infinite review cycles, and ongoing feedback.
  • 360 Degree Feedback – fosters employee involvement, responsibility, and development through a continuous feedback loop in real-time.


  • Pricing starts from $4370.00/year.

9. Empxtrack

Empxtrack Goal setting software

Empxtrack Goal Setting and Tracking software enable the seamless spreading of goals to employees with routine discussions and periodic performance check-ins.

It offers a clear understanding to employees of what is necessary for their individual and team goals. A complete system that matches employee goals with corporate objectives and keeps records of employee goal progress in real-time. 

Top features: 

  • Using Empxtrack, managers can record their team performance and use that information for assessments and training. 
  • Automated reminders remind staff to keep a record of target successes regularly. 
  • The Empxtrack employee self-service portal is easy to integrate with other HR and management systems.


  • A free plan is available.
  • Pricing starts at $12.75 per/month.

10. Perdoo

Perdoo Goal tracking software

Perdoo is a goal-tracking software. Businesses can utilize this tool to connect their personal, team, and company objectives with KPIs to achieve their desired outcomes. 

The Perdoo comprehensive reporting feature provides valuable insights and data to stay ahead against competitors and coaching resources to expedite success.

Top features:

  • Create unique dashboards and reports to identify issues and change course as required.
  • Frequent Check-ins help you achieve more objectives, enhance 1:1s, and minimize primacy skew from employee evaluations.
  • Improve strategy alignment and goal achievement by raising employee engagement.


  • The free plan is available.
  • The pro plan starts at $5.40 per month.

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