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OKR Software that helps your goals & Strategies into results

BecafexTeam is a datalligence OKR software execute strategy and accelerate your business objectives at the center of every process, Focus on Goals. Measure your Progress. Achieve Results.

Experience the best OKR's platform

BecafexTeam OKR software gives Manager, teams, and individuals visibility into the entire work process, Perfomance, connecting everyday tasks to the company’s most important objectives.

  • OKR Management

    Focus. Measure. Achieve.

  • Perfomance Management

    Leverage OKRs. Ignite Performance.

  • Task Management

    Track Better. Do More.

Improve alignment, agility, and engagement across your organization

Improve alignment, agility, and engagement across your organization

See how BecafexTeam helps your business

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Manage your comapany strategy, OKRs, performance in one platform

Manage your comapany strategy, OKRs, performance in one platform

We tackle the most concerning issue of scaling organizations - Misaligned groups and Poor Execution Speed. Get a wellspring of truth that adjusts and tracks generally your essential objectives and drives - at one spot

OKR Management Software

Allow your group to follow their OKRs, objectives, and KPIs any place they need and incorporate Peoplebox with all your work instruments. Get a bound-together perspective on progress on the entirety of your essential needs, OKRs, and Initiatives.

  • Align organisational Objectives with team and individual Objectives
  • Track Key Result progress that provide realtime Insights.
  • Guided weekly check-ins. Measure progress seamlessly

Performance Management Software

Answer for drive worker objectives, occasional surveys, preparing suggestions, advancements, and so on. Mechanize your exhibition surveys with configurable work processes, input shapes, and planned updates.

Consistent execution discussions drive higher efficiency across the groups. Empower and engage your kin with the right instruments for execution on the board.

  • Highly customizable review process.
  • High-performance work culture.
  • Talent identification and nurturing.

Employee Engagement Software

Engagement with a companion-based grant and acknowledgment program Strengthen worker commitment and measure fulfillment with these critical highlights from BecafexTeam

  • Automated Recurring Survey
  • Real-time Engagement Insights
  • 1-1 Peer to peer Survey
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Each association has a few utilitarian units, and groups that need to work in coordination to create the results to accomplish the association's goals. Thus, there is a requirement for instruments like OKR Software to adjust the association and make divisions, groups, and people pursue the shared objectives. With OKR programming, the board can undoubtedly layout and screen objectives for divisions, groups, and people.

An ideal OKR apparatus will construct and build up extraordinary practices while fitting in consistently with the manner in which your group now works.

To compute a score, you need to isolate the objective set by the end product. Utilizing the model above, in the event that your group's KR was to "get 100 clients" yet they just got 50, their last score would be 0.5, yet assuming they got 20, the score would be 0.2.

OKR is an objective-setting structure. For each OKR, there is a goal to be accomplished, alongside a bunch of measurements that will gauge the accomplishment of that goal, called key outcomes. KPIs decide factors expected to make progress in an association.

Your OKRs ought to constantly include your KPIs, and your KPIs ought to assist you with accomplishing your OKRs. An effective method for guaranteeing your KPIs line up with your OKRs is to set your OKRs first and afterward figure out which measurements will be generally useful to reliably track and survey."